56800E - Program Flash via Debbuger

56800E - Program Flash via Debbuger

Post by j4p.gm » Thu, 05 Apr 2007 00:47:00

Being new to the 56800, I read in the CodeWarrior help that the
de *** is capable of programming flash, in a section titled
"Debugging in the Flash Memory".

That section refers to an initialization file where the "flash
programming option is turned on". I have found some .cfg files, but
looking at those it is not clear what the file should contain. That
section also refers to a linker command file for flash.

Anyone have some pointers as to how best to proceed, and expedite the
learning curve for programming flash with the de *** ?

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Hi to everybody in this newsgroup.
I'm Diego from Milan, Italy..yes ...very close to the funny house of that
(in)famous minister that all the word (except some italians) laughs about.
.I'm not much more than a newbie in VHDL and FPGA programming.
At the age of 47 i'm practicing by myself about FPGAs .
Instead of using an educational board i'm trying to build some stuff using a
board from s *** mounting an Altera Cyclone device connected to a 29LV400
Flash and to a static RAM,and this is part of what i exactly need for my
purposes.2 JTAG connectionsAre available,for configuring the FPGA directly
or through an EPCS1 configuration memory.

It would be a saving of time for me if i could easily load some data from a
file to the 29LV400 Flash via the JTAG connector.So i read about
ParallelFlashLoader IP but i' m not understanding if it is what i
need.Should i generate the PFL entity and simply connect it as a component
in the main project?

I would like to find some step by step example that fits on my situation or
just be warned if that kind of flash memories can't be programmed by this

Forgive me if the question was not properly asked due to my poor knowledge
of the matter and of english language.

Thanks in advance even just for reading the above.


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