MPC566EVB SRAM location

MPC566EVB SRAM location

Post by Skip Inske » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 03:11:07

I'm using an MPC566EVB and the P&E BDM to communicate with the board.
There are 2 problems that I am trying to solve. One is a memory
discrepancy amd the other is the BDM not giving me a true picture as to
what's on the board. All the documentation points to ram starting at
0xFFF0_0000 yet CodeWarrior (using debug target) places the compiled
code in the 0x00C0_0000 address range. If I use the on board de ***
via the serial connection it indicates that user code is to start at
address 0xFFF0_8000 and using debug commands I can modify this memory.
Using the onboard de *** I can also locate and list the de *** code
in flash.

Back to BDM interface. Besides targeting 0x00C0_0000 for code
downloads, through the BDM I cannot modify data in the 0xFFF0_0000 range
and using the memory viewer in CodeWarrior, it does not reflect what is
on the board. I cannot find the interrupt routines or vectors and the
onboard debug code is not visible. I am a newbe to CodeWarrior so am I
missing something very basic here?

Skip Inskeep

MPC566EVB SRAM location

Post by David J Ed » Wed, 26 Nov 2003 03:48:11

Yes - as far as I know Code Warrior only supports the EVB555 board.

The *.lcf file is used to specify the location of the SRAM and by default
this is at 0x00C00000 for the EVB555 board.


David J Edgar
Cedaryacht Limited
Macclesfield UK.