cd writers for apple iicx

cd writers for apple iicx

Post by Arthur Wri » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 08:34:27


Does anyone know how I can use a Ricoh cd wrier with an apple mac iicx with
system 7.6?

Thanks Ian

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Hi. I have a Philips CD-writer and a DVD-writer in my
windows XP machine. I tried every tip & trick described in
the MS knowledge base, had the hardware checked, .. the 2
drives stayed cd-roms for xp.
So with the media player & file explorer no data can be
written to one of my writer drives (reading is ok).
Only NERO recognises the "writable" drives, so the hardware
seems ok.
Anyhow, it would by nice to be able to add one file to a
CD-RW disc via a simple file explorer copy.

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