Vacation and CW 10

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2. Using CW 9 and CW 10 together for cross-platform development?

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XXXX@XXXXX.COM wrote on 9/26/05 2:25 PM:

I don't know how CW 10 will work for me since I depend on the x86 compiler
for Windows development in my cross-platform projects. I never could stand
Visual Ceeping Pus Pus and so I'll keep using an unsupported environment as
long as possible.

I figure I'll use CW 9 for development and for Windows final builds, and use
XCode for final Mac universal binary builds. (I don't suppose anyone
expects XCode to become useful for Windows-targeted x86 builds?)

Any sense how well it would work to have both CW 9 and CW 10 launched at the
same time, using CW 9 for x86? In any case it seems likely this would
squash the benefits of CW 10. I'm often changing code and testing changes
on Mac and Windows in quick succession. Using two different CW's doesn't
sound that attractive and I'd expect that there would be some problems
caused by the dual launch of CW. At best it would be awkward.


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