More on Porting to OSX

More on Porting to OSX

Post by Conrado Pl » Wed, 11 Aug 2004 00:36:26

First I want to thank those people who answer my previous call for help
(aug 2,2004). For them, here is what happened:

for some reason the precompiled headers were not being compiled using
Carbon.h but the fact that only 2 functions were unresolved was kind of

I still continued, as a first pass in the carbonizing operation, in
order to correct all the casting errors, forced by the strict type
checking, which was a good think since I discover a few real erors lying
under there for years and which could be responsible for those
unexplained crashes which occur here and there. I reviewed since July28,
over 20,000 lines of code, one by one to make sure everything was

Finally when I got the precompiled headers correct, using Carbon.h, I
got tons of other errors errors, which is also a good thing. These time
most of them are related to the use of unsupported functions, and
consequently some illegal structure access errors, for those which are
now opaque and need accessor functions.

What I have now is one thing for which I cannot find any info in the
manuals and notes published by APPLE:

I am using a hardware protection key (MacHASP USB, from Aladdin) for my
software. In the Hasp library source code, there is a call

long res;

res = CallUniversalProc( (UniversalProcPtr)MacHaspAdr, MacHaspAdrpi,
Service, HaspNum, InputPrm1, InputPrm2, MemoAddr,
MemoData, MemoBuff, ReturnPrm1, ReturnPrm2, Status);

the compiling error I get is that CallIniversalProc has no prototype.

Is there any equivalent substitution function?


Conrado Pla

More on Porting to OSX

Post by Thomas Eng » Wed, 11 Aug 2004 01:41:24

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,


Obtain a later version of the Hasp SDK.


This address is valid in its unmodified form but expires soon.


More on Porting to OSX

Post by Conrado Pl » Wed, 11 Aug 2004 22:35:55

In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >,

Thanks Tom, silly of me not to think about that. I was so centered in
changing what I have to the new routines, that I overlooked the obvious

COnrado Pla