Casting float to int broken in CW 8.3?

Casting float to int broken in CW 8.3?

Post by MW Ro » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 04:28:43

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I'm sorry but no there isn't. This is a deep discussion about this and
in my opinion this always hurts the developer more than it helps. I
know there are instances where it can be useful, but those cases can
almost always be solved by a simple message here.

My feelings are that developers are intelligent and always believe that
they are right unless proven wrong. So whenever they find something
that appears to be a know bug, they assume it is their problem. This
resorts in two things happening.

Unknown bugs are not reported and are not corrected. It also has a
disastrous affect on the developer as he may work around problems that
are not bugs, may not find his own problems thereby cascading the effect
for generations of programs and so on.

It is always welcome to post a possible bug here on this newsgroup or
ask about it here. That way you get accurate information. You can
confirm that the bug you think is indeed that problem and you can
probably get help working around a bug.


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