Metrowerks and Mac

Metrowerks and Mac

Post by jonhoyl » Sun, 18 Jul 2004 13:36:37

> Warriors,


You are considered by many the most trusted representative of
Metrowerks, and it means a lot to hear you say this. I know you
wouldn't intentionally mislead us for corporate profit, so thank you
for telling us that there is a plan, and hopefully one that can be
shared at AdHoc. (Unfortunately I won't be there since I was at WWDC,
but two of my co-workers will be.)

I know a few of us have been pretty critical about Metrowerks these
past few months, and I have spoken many of these remarks myself. But
I hope you know that you have earned all of our respect these many
years for the work you do, and none of these criticisms are ever
directed toward you personally. If we happen to sound a bit hostile
in our rhetoric lately, it's only because we fear the loss of our
favorite development tool.

Here's hoping CodeWarrior's best days are still ahead.


Jonathan Hoyle