Call for Papers: The 2010 International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Methods (GEM'10), USA, July 2010

Call for Papers: The 2010 International Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Methods (GEM'10), USA, July 2010

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t would be greatly appreciated if this announcement could be
shared with individuals whose research interests include
genetic and evolutionary methods, AI, and soft computing.
Call For Workshop/Session Proposals

The 2010 International Conference on
Genetic and Evolutionary Methods

Date and Location: July 12-15, 2010, Las Vegas, USA

You are invited to submit a full paper for consideration. All
accepted papers will be published in the GEM conference
proceedings (in printed book form; later, the proceedings will
also be accessible online). Those interested in proposing
workshops/sessions, should refer to the relevant sections that
appear below.

SCOPE: Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the

O Genetic programming
O Genetic algorithms
O Hybrid genetic / memetic algorithms
O Artificial life
O Genetic benchmarks and software packages
O Optimization methodologies
O Swarm intelligence and optimization
O Artificial immune systems
O Evolutionary programming
O Genetics-based machine learning
O Adaptive behavior-based systems
O Fuzzy systems and evolutionary computing
O Biologically inspired systems
O Evolutionary strategies
O Combinatorial optimization problems
O Ant colony optimization
O Learning classifiers
O Agent technologies
O Parallel/distributed evolutionary algorithms
O Evolvable hardware
O Evolutionary scheduling
O Search based strategies
O Evolutionary multi-objective optimization
O Prediction methods
O Co-evolution
O Novel methodologies
O Robotics
O Biological methods
O Applications

To see the DBLP list of accepted papers in the last offering of GEM,
go to:
The main web site of GEM'10 is currently under construction, it will
soon appear at:


Currently being prepared - The sponsors will include a number
of active research labs and centers that have helped to shape
our field. The Academic sponsors of the last offering of
GEM & WORLDCOMP included research labs and centers
affiliated with United States Military Academy, Harvard
University, MIT, Argonne National Lab., University of Illinois
at Urbana-Champaign, University of Minnesota, University of
Texas at Austin, Georgia Institute of Technology, George Mason
University, Vienna University of Technology, University of
Siegen, Russian Academy of Sciences, University of Iowa,
SECLAB (Italy), University of North Dakota, Texas A&M
University, National Institute for Health Research,
International Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine,
Academy of Biomedical Sciences and Technologies, and European
Commission. For 2010, we will also include The Berkeley
Initiative in Soft Computing/BISC of University of California,
Berkeley (confirmed.) In recent offerings of WORLDCOMP/GEM,
corporate sponsors included: Google, Intel, Salford Systems,
Element CXI, Synplicity, NIIT, SuperMicro, HPCNano, Council on
Medical & Care Compunetics, Scientific Tech. Corp., HoIP,

Members of the Steering Committee of WORLDCOMP 2010:
(GEM'10 is an important track of WORLDCOMP which is a f