AIEMPro 2010: Submission Deadline Extended !

AIEMPro 2010: Submission Deadline Extended !

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Call for Papers: AIEMPro'10

3rd International Workshop on Automated Information Extraction in
Production AIEMPro'10

In conjunction with ACM Multimedia 2010 ,
25-29 October 2010

Organised By:
- Vlaamse Radio- en Televisieomroep - Medialab
- European Broadcasting Union . Union Europne de Radiotision
- RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, Centre for Research and Technological
- NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Science and Technology Research
- ICSI (International Computer Science Institute)

The explosive growth of new media distribution channels in the
Internet and the resulting new production workflows based on
computerized tools is forcing media industry to adapt new business

The Third Workshop on Automated Information Extraction in Media
Production (AIEMPro10) aims at fostering the exchange of ideas and
practises between leading experts in industrial and academic research,
academic stakeholders of prospective methods,and leading actors in the
media industry.

The workshop aims to catalyse the migration towards new ways of
producing, broadcasting, and presenting media content, through the
introduction of tools for automated multimedia analysis and
understanding. At the same time, the workshop will help academic
researchers better understand the real-life key requirements that
enable higher impact and wider adoption of these methods.

Media production workflows are substantially influenced by new ways of
acquiring elaborating, and publishing audiovisual material, as well as
by bandwidth adaptive streaming through Internet portals. In this
context, automatic information extraction techniques based on
audiovisual content analysis are seen as an interesting and promising
option to streamline these processes and lower the total cost of new
productions, and as a way to help to disseminate existing archives.
This line of development has been fully recognised by the European
Broadcasting Union, Time Warner, and other major players in industry.
However, so far the potential of these methods is yet to be leveraged
in every day use.

The workshop aims at attracting the attention of researchers and
practitioners in the field of automatic information extraction based
on audiovisual content analysis on the problems related with media
production processes. In particular, the objective is to analyse the
impact and performances of these tools in real-life applications, and
on real-life material.

Authors are encouraged to submit papers on which they enlighten the
features of existing or novel tools in the key aspects of future media
production based on automated information extraction, including
acquisition, editing, publishing, archiving and repurposing of
audiovisual material. Topics of interest include, but are not limited

- High- and low-Level acoustic, visual, and multimodal indexing in
media acquisition
- Automated repurposing of archived material on new media channels
- Automated news production
- Computational Journalism
- Efficient navigation and retrieval of multimedia streams
- Automatic speech recognition, keyword spotting, and search
- Personality identification (e.g. face or speaker identification)
- Collaborative systems for media production. broadcast, and
- Multi