Call for Papers: International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics ICIAR 2010

Call for Papers: International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics ICIAR 2010

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all for Papers: International Conference on Intelligent Automation
and Robotics ICIAR 2010

CFP: International Conference on Intelligent Automation and Robotics
ICIAR 2010
Draft Paper Submission Deadline: 2 July, 2010
Camera-Ready Papers Due & Registration Deadline: 30 July, 2010
ICIAR 2010: San Francisco, USA, 20-22 October, 2010

The conference ICIAR'10 is held under the World Congress on
Engineering and Computer Science WCECS 2010. The WCECS 2010 is
organized by the International Association of Engineers (IAENG), a non-
profit international association for the engineers and the computer
scientists. The congress has the focus on the frontier topics in the
theoretical and applied engineering and computer science subjects. The
WCECS conferences serve as good platforms for our members and the
entire engineering community to meet with each other and to exchange
ideas. Our last IAENG conference has attracted more than one thousand
participants from over 30 countries, and our conference committees
have been formed with over two hundred and sixty committee members who
are mainly research center heads, faculty deans, department heads,
professors, and research scientists from over 20 countries.

All submitted papers will be under peer review and accepted papers
will be published in the conference proceeding (ISBN:
978-988-17012-0-6). The abstracts will be indexed and available at
major academic databases. The accepted papers will also be considered
for publication in the special issues of the journal Engineering
Letters, in IAENG journals and in edited books. Revised and expanded
version of the selected papers may also be included as book chapters
in the standalone edited books under the framework of cooperation
between Springer, America Institute of Physics, and IAENG. For
reference, the following post conference edited books of our recent
IAENG conferences: Trends in Intelligent Systems and Computer
Engineering, Advances in Communication Systems and Electrical
Engineering, Advances in Industrial Engineering and Operations
Research, and Advances in Computational Algorithms and Data Analysis,
have been published by Springer.

The topics of the ICIAR'10 include, but not limited to, the

Intelligent Automation
Intelligent Control Systems
Decision support systems
Distributed control systems
Expert systems for industry
Intelligent fault detection and identification
Knowledge-based systems applications
Machine learning in control applications
Hybrid learning systems
Mechatronic systems
Neural networks based control systems
Optimization algorithms
Software agents for intelligent control systems
Soft computing
Fuzzy control
Genetic algorithms
Intelligent control agents
Evolutionary computation
Biologically inspired control systems
Autonomous agents
Petri nets (system design/verification with nets, protocols and
Industrial networks and automation
Real-time systems control
Environmental monitoring and control
Process control
Flexible manufacturing systems
Web-based control
Computer and microprocessor-based control
Actuators and sensors
Instrumentation networks and software
Motor control and power systems
Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
Robot design, development and control
Human-robots interfaces
Haptic devices
Robotic teams
Mobile robot localization, navigation and