Career in Data Mining

Career in Data Mining

Post by dayzma » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 09:49:14

Hi all,

I'm a Bachelor in Computer Engineering, and going to study Masters
(major in Knowledge-Based systems). I'm quite fascinated by the concept
of data-mining and knowledge-based systems, and so I'd like to pursue
my career in this field. However, I'm not too sure about the
opportunities available in the field. Apart from research, what else is
(commonly) available? I'd be most interested in developing
knowledge-based software (e.g. using neural networks), but I'd still be
very interested in any of the computational side of things in this

Another question I have is, because my Masters degree will be
coursework-based (plus a minor thesis -- using neural net to compose
music), I'm still thinking about what courses to take. Should I take
computer-based courses only (e.g. machine learning, data mining, data
warehousing, DB development, e-commerce (?) )? Or, should I take some
courses on statistics also (e.g. statistical inference)? Any other
advices will be much appreciated.


Career in Data Mining

Post by paul v bir » Wed, 15 Dec 2004 12:12:19

I think you should at least take some courses in statistics.
You need to look at how statistics handles this information presently
Try to get some Design of Experiments background even if you have to do
some examples yourself.

You need multivariable calculus also

Complex variable analysis is always fun and maybe you need this too for

Paul (EE)