AAAI Robot Competition: CFP

AAAI Robot Competition: CFP

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Call for Participation

The AAAI 2004 Robot Competition and Exhibition will be held in San
Jose, CA, from July 25-29, 2004, in conjunction with the Nine *** th
National Conference on Artificial Intelligence.

The URL for the web page is:

Events will include:

Robot Rescue- robots must enter a fallen structure, find human
victims, and direct human rescuers to the victims.

Robot Challenge- a robot will start at the entrance to the conference
center, need to find the registration desk, register for the
conference, perform volunteer duties as required, then report at a
prescribed time in a conference hall to give a talk.

Open Interaction- the goal of this event is to entertain
people using robots.

There will be an accompanying workshop where teams present details on
their systems. Selected papers from this year's workshop will appear
in an expanded form in a special issue of Autonomous Robots
journal. The anticipated publication date is July 2005.

More information, including how to register may be found on the web

Registration will close on May 21, 2004

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AAAI [1] is sponsoring a heads up, limit Texas Holdem [2]
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"The joy of victory and the envy of the community." See the
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server, and Java source code for two example bots.

[4] ~pokert/

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