New book: Artificial Life Models in Software

New book: Artificial Life Models in Software

Post by Maciej Kom » Wed, 14 Sep 2005 21:44:17

Dear All,

A new book on artificial life is available at Springer: ,11855,5-40109-22-39144451-0,00.html

This book presents software tools, environments and realities dealing
with creation, imitation and analysis of artefactual, virtual, and
living forms, written by those who personally design and produce
software, hardware, and art installations in artificial life, simulated
complex systems, and virtual worlds.

This timely volume offers a nearly exhaustive overview and original
analysis of major non-profit artificial life software packages. Topics

- simulation of real and imaginary life forms and their evolution
- self-organization
- emergent behaviours
- swarm intelligence
- evolutionary robotics
- agent-based simulations
- adaptive, complex and biologically inspired ecosystems
- creative computer art

Table of contents:

Part 1: Virtual Living Worlds.- Avida: Evolution Experiments with
Self-Replicating Computer Programs.- Framsticks: A Platform for
Modelling, Simulating and Evolving 3D Creatures.- Nerve Garden:
Germinating Biological Metaphors in Net-based Virtual Worlds.- GenePool:
Exploring the Interaction Between Natural Selection and ***
Selection.- Sodarace: Adventures in Artificial Life.- Part 2: Collective
Artificial Life.- Escaping the Accidents of History: An Overview of
Artificial Life Modeling with Repast.- EINSTein: A Multiagent-based
Model of Combat.- StarLogo : A Programmable Complex Systems Modeling
Environment for Students and Teachers.- On the Evolution of Sonic
Ecosystems.- Part 3: Magic of Discrete Worlds.- Exploring Cellular
Automata with MCell.- Discrete Dynamics Lab: Tools for Investigating
Cellular Automata and Discrete Dynamical Networks.- Part 4: Artificial
Life Arts.- Simulated Breeding a Framework of Breeding Artifacts on
the Computer.- Enriching Aesthetics with Artificial Life.- Appendix:
Artificial Life Software.

Best regards,

Maciej Komosinski Institute of Computing Science
Poznan University of Technology, Poland