Software Release Announcement: Adaptive Modeler 0.99 - Evolutionary Agent-based Market Simulation Software

Software Release Announcement: Adaptive Modeler 0.99 - Evolutionary Agent-based Market Simulation Software

Post by Jim Witka » Mon, 24 Mar 2008 23:00:33

Adaptive Modeler creates agent-based market simulation models for
forecasting prices of stocks, currencies or other market traded
securities. The agent-based model simulates a financial market
consisting of thousands of individual agents whose trading rules
evolve through genetic programming. The evolution of trading rules
combined with market pricing dynamics drives the agent population to
recognize and anticipate recurring price patterns while constantly
adapting to changing market behavior.

Adaptive Modeler may be of interest to researchers to study the
evolution and behavior of genetic programs in an agent-based market
environment. Adaptive Modeler uses Strongly Typed Genetic Programming.
To prevent overfitting, training takes place in "real-time", meaning
that historical prices are used only once by agents to trade on.
Steady-state evolution is used for gradual changing of the population
to maintain a degree of stability.

As of version 0.99, the creation of trading rules (genomes) is
documented in detail and the trading rules can be viewed. Also the
selection of functions and terminals to include in the creation of
genomes can be changed. Parameters such as population size, genome
size and depth, breeding parameters and mutation rate can be
configured by the user. A Mersenne Twister pseudo random number
generator is now used with the possibility to manually set the random
seed value.

A free alpha evaluation version can be downloaded from
(no registration required, no expiration).

Jim Witkam

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