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Post by Tuan.Thanh » Sat, 07 Jun 2008 04:24:44


Great composers of the past, such as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven,
Schubert, Brahms, etc. must have had a "great mind" to perceive
of perception) great music for their compositions!

Similar to great scientists like Newton, Einstein, Maxwell, Faraday,
etc., these are great minds with great power to perceive what they
perceived upon composing great scientific ideas, formulas,
in general...

Often times, these scientist are also great philosophers, deep
thinkers, and perhaps quite religeous!
Some of their thoughts are pretty "meditative"...

It would be similar situation with great composers, some of them
be very philosophical, deep thinker, meditator!
After all, Arts, Science, Philosophy, Music, Meditation, History,
Architecture, etc. These are interrelated in One integrated whole...

Rexsy (TTH)

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I have been researching articles on google on how to create a simple RSS
feed that sucks <title><blurb><link><date> out of a sql server 2000 database
via an aspx page.

I know it has to be pushed into a <xml> document but not sure which
direction to take.

Is there perhaps a starter document which uses sql server as the data source
I can tap into.

I am a newbie to aspx but I it appears there is a lot of inbuilt support for
this application and I don't wish to go down to many wrong paths or reinvent
the wheel.

Any advice appreciated!


ps: It appears that <rss> is tied in heavily with <blogs> these days....is
anyone come up with a combined solution?


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