Recipient's destination email is unkown or invalid

Recipient's destination email is unkown or invalid

Post by Mike Nas » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 12:41:28

Hi Guys

Not sure if this is a SBS exchange issue or an Outlook client problem but
here goes anyhow.

We recently migrated from an SBS4.5 box to a brand new sparkling SBS2k3 box.
Everything went well apart from the exchange migration wizard not working
due to a missing dll..? Instead we used exmerge to suck all the client
mailboxes off the old box. On every clients PC we deleted the default
Outlook profile. Then recreated a brand new one pointing to the new SBS2k3
box. Then we individually imported each pst file back to each users Outlook
profile. Seemed to work brilliantly apart from one small niggly thing.

This problem is intermittent and only occurs with internal e-mail addresses.
When any client goes to create a new E-mail and they start typing the users
name in the "To" field, it automatically brings up a list of suggested
possibilities. If they then arrow down to the correct name and send the
E-mail, every so often the E-mail comes back with the message -
"Undeliverable - The recipients E-mail address is unknown"? Other times it
works fine. If they use the contacts list it works every time! When I look
at the details of a crook E-mail in the sent items folder, the only visible
info is under the general tab in the display field. That shows the object
and organisational unit and cn all referring to the old server..? It's no
wonder it doesn't get delivered, but were on earth is it picking this old
info up from.? Why is it intermittent and how can I blow away any reference
to the old server for good?

Any ideas will be most welcome

Thanks in advance

Mike Nash

Recipient's destination email is unkown or invalid

Post by Marina Roo » Wed, 06 Oct 2004 19:27:28

Hi Mike,

Is it possible that the users have the 'old' server contacts in their folder
contacts and thus it is resolving those names?


Microsoft SBS-MVP

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Recipient's destination email is unkown or invalid

Post by Mike Nas » Thu, 07 Oct 2004 10:17:13

Thanks for that Marina

Think I've cracked it. The problem that is (grin) It appears it's the
autocomplete feature of Outlook 2003. It has remembered previous entries
when the old server was connected. Most users when they start filling in the
"To" field will see two entries appear now for the same recipient. Without
clicking on the Outlook properties of each name they have no idea which one
is a lemon. So, they just have to delete both entries and then start typing
the recipients name again and then click the "Check Name" icon. A bit of a
drag but they only have to do it once for each recipient. There doesn't seem
to be a way of completely flushing out Outlooks "autocomplete memory", so to
speak. Although I'm sure there'll be some smarty pants out there that knows
a way.... (smile)
Anyway, thanks for taking the time to reply

All the best



Recipient's destination email is unkown or invalid

Post by SuperGumby » Fri, 08 Oct 2004 07:38:11

elete the Outlook 'nickname' file(s)

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