VPN into another Domain outside local domain

VPN into another Domain outside local domain

Post by bWFyayB0b3 » Tue, 09 Dec 2003 14:31:05


we have sbs 2003 and are tring to connect to a clients office with sbs 2000.
when i was connected at our location whit a computer with xp pro and a router and cable modem i was able to VPN into there office (sbs 2000) and see the server and the remote cpus

but now i have put in a sbs 2003 and i can connect to there network but when i try to run the remote desktop i cant see any remote desktops or server....i able to ping them but cant see them or connect to them.

also at there office they want to connect to one of there clients
from there office sbs 2000 they can VPN into there clients office but they have the same problem they cant see any computers or the server.

ANY help on this subject would be GREAT..

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