Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions

Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Philip Wil » Tue, 16 Dec 2003 18:48:49

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Version: 3.31


Subject: Introduction

Compaq Contura Aero Frequently Asked Questions Version 3


Philip Wilk (Version 3) Current
Ekkehard Rohwedder (Version 2.0)
Renee Roberts (Version 1.0)

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XXXX@XXXXX.COM or post to the aero mailing list.

This document is to be freely distributed. Under _no_ circumstance should
a fee be charged for the procurement of this FAQ. It is the sole property
of everybody who has contributed (a whole bunch of way cool folks).


Subject: Short Contents

1 General
1.1 About this FAQ
1.2 Resources
1.3 Technical Data
1.4 User Opinions
1.5 Who's using an Aero
2 Hardware
2.1 Aero
2.2 Accessories
3 Software
3.1 Upgrades
3.2 Configuration
3.3 Operating Systems


Subject: Long Contents

1 General
1.1 About this FAQ
1.1.1 Where to find the FAQ
1.2 Resources
1.2.1 Internet
1.2.2 Mailing List Unsubscribing to the mailing list
1.2.3 Companies that carry Aero parts and supplies
1.3 Technical Data
1.3.1 Exploded View
1.3.2 System Unit
1.3.3 Passive Matrix Monochrome Display
1.3.4 Passive Matrix Color Display
1.3.5 Stock Hard Drives
1.3.6 Internal Power Supply
1.3.7 Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Battery Pack
1.3.8 AC Adapter
1.3.9 Convenience Base
1.3.10 External Diskette Drive
1.3.11 Video Controller
1.3.12 Part Numbers
1.4 User Opinions
1.4.1 Is the machine really that bad?
1.4.2 Opinions on Aero features (The Quick FAQs)
1.5 Who's using an Aero
2 Hardware
2.1 Aero
2.1.1 CPU Is it upgradeable? Is it FPU upgradeable?
2.1.2 Memory (RAM) How do you upgrade? How much are memory upgrades?
2.1.3 How to disassemble the Aero The tale of a journey inside.
2.1.4 Hard Drive Partitions Noisy 84Mb hard drives Upgrading the hard drive Hard Drive installation Prequel to the step-by-step tutorial A step-by-step tutorial Installing the old drive in your desktop. Fixing the Master Boot Record Aero harddrive upgrade list External harddrive solutions
2.1.5 Screen The pulsing backlight puzzle The screen connection What if my screen is unevenly backlit? 800x600x16 VGA mode Special supported 256 color VGA modes Special supported text modes? Screen hinge problem (the darn "display clutch") Screen Disassembly Backlight Replacement
2.1.6 Keyboard Aero keyboard diagrams
2.1.7 Trackball Replacement Trackball Cleaning Trackball Ballistic Mouse driver? Trackball and left-handedness?
2.1.8 Battery and Power Brick Replacing the Battery Conditioning and the Memory effect in NiMH batteries Conditioning the Battery without a conditioner Battery Warning Batteries discharging too quickly when suspended Super-fast recharge? Charge indicators? Battery Monitoring Battery Loose? Please explain the aero battery Recharging in the auto Power Brick