PSION Series 3/3a palmtop FAQ part 6/6

PSION Series 3/3a palmtop FAQ part 6/6

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part 6

See part 1 for complete table of contents of this FAQ (including this


This is the official Psion commercial Software list taken from Psion's
"Software & Accessories" catalog v2 (Oct95). Thanks to Psion for
providing it. All telephone numbers are UK unless stated otherwise.

Prices are either known from v1 of the catalog or fall into one of the
following categories in v2 (in UKP)
* A: Less than 30
* B: 30-50
* C: 51-74
* D: 75-99
* E: 100+


Agenda Link - Please inquire for price.
from Widget Software Ltd. +44 1438-815-444
Share information in your Series 3 or 3a Agenda by linking it
to either Lotus Organizer or MS Schedule Plus. Agenda Link
translates the data from Series 3/3a to these popular Windows
information managers.

Asset Tracking - Please inquire for price.
from Advanced New Technology +44 182 571 3058
Equipment Inspections,PAT checks plus more all within this well
proven system. Control of all items, history, inspections,
overdue status, locations and status. Full PC management
control interface.

Banker - Please inquire for price.
from Pelican Software +1 713 242 8928
Personal finance software for the Series 3a. Banker Imports and
Exports to Quicken. Very easy to use and provides features such
as easy transfers, split transactions, password protection,
unerase, reconciliation, pop up Calculator and Calendar,
reports, printing, reminders and Tidy.

Banking Assistant - GBP 89.95
from Portable Software +44 190 463 3918
Built around a multi-currency, multi-account system with tax
handling and cash flow forecasting. Separate budget planner and
petty cash recorder plus an energy monitor. Complete with over
100 sophisticated financial calculators and converters.

Child Support and Legal Aid - cat E
from Dodona Ltd. +44 122 264 4131
ChildSupport calculates liabilities and entitlements to child
support and includes welfare benefits calculations. LegalAid
calculates entitlement and contributions to a Green Form,
ABWOR, Civil and Criminal Legal Aid.

Electrical Design Suite - cat E
from Electrical Engineer +44 1275 462 113
The programs come in the form of spreadsheet files, together
with technical data for the on-board database, some utilities
for OPL and readme files.

Finance Pack - GBP 49.95 for Series 3, GBP 59.95 for Series 3a.
from Widget Software Ltd. +44 1438 815444
Ideal for home finance, self-assessment for income tax, small
business accounts (without VAT). Ask for the "Widget Software
Guide to Getting Rich", a four page booklet containing full
details on this package.

Helper 3 and Renovator - cat E
from Ferret Information Systems Ltd. +44 122 264 4660
Helper 3 calculates Income Support, Family Credit, DWA and