comp.lang.eiffel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

comp.lang.eiffel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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This question-and-answer list is posted monthly to the Usenet
newsgroups comp.lang.eiffel, comp.answers and news.answers.

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This information is abstracted and condensed from the posts of many
contributors to comp.lang.eiffel, supplemented by information from
vendors. No guarantees are made regarding its accuracy.

This compilation is by Franck Arnaud. Distribution is unrestricted.
It builds on the work of the previous maintainers: Rock Howard,
Roger Browne, Conrad Taylor in chronological order.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

QEIF What is Eiffel?
QORI Where did Eiffel come from?
QCOM What Eiffel compilers are available?
QLIB What Eiffel libraries are available?
QFRE Is Eiffel available as free software?
QARC Is there an archive of the comp.lang.eiffel newsgroup?
QBOK What books are available for learning about Eiffel?
QWEB Where can I find Eiffel on the World-Wide-Web?
QEDI Where can I get an Eiffel editor or emacs-mode?
QBON What is BON?
QSTD Are there standards for the Eiffel language?
QPOR How do I write portable applications?
QTGV How fast do Eiffel applications run?
QGRP Are there any Eiffel user groups?
QADR Where can I get Eiffel products and services?
QCNF Are there any conferences for Eiffel users?
QECC Why do many Eiffel implementations compile to C?
QJVM Where can I get an Eiffel to Java compiler?
QNET Where can I get an Eiffel to .NET compiler?

Language Issues:

LFEA What features does Eiffel have?
LCHN What changes have been made to the Eiffel language definition?
LLIB What libraries come with Eiffel?
LDBC What's the big deal about preconditions and postconditions?
LCON Please explain and discuss covariance vs. contravariance.
LCAT Is it true that there are "holes" in the Eiffel type system?
LTSK Is there support for concurrency in Eiffel?
LOVL Why doesn't Eiffel allow function overloading?
LAGE What are Eiffel agents?
LATR Why are there no class attributes in Eiffel?
LPAR How can I call the parent-class version of a redefined
LEVC Where can I find a comparison between Eiffel and C++?
LDES Are there any destructors in Eiffel?
LDIS How do I implement multiple inheritance efficiently?
LISA How does the `Iterating several actions' example in ETL work?
LORB Is COM/CORBA supported?


QEIF: What is Eiffel?

Eiffel is an advanced object-oriented programming language and
method that emphasizes the design and construction of high-quality
and reusable software.

Eiffel is not a superset or extension of any other language. Eiffel
strongly encourages OO programming and does not allow dangerous
practices from previous generation languages although it does