Application context from .net class library

Application context from .net class library

Post by WmVsamt » Wed, 24 Jan 2007 20:23:41

Hi !
I have following problem.
I have one orchestration that calls in one Expression block some
functionality from one .net class library.
And I want to determine directly from called .net library in which context
(Application-that contains different receive -and send ports and Assemblies)
am I at that moment.
Because, I have one orchestration that is used in 2 different
BizTalkApplications (actually that serves two different databases but with
the same functionality) and it is important to know which database I serve.
Is there a possiblity to say this.Application, so as in normal .net
application (and which type does have this Application) or what else can I do.



Application context from .net class library

Post by Leonid Gan » Fri, 26 Jan 2007 14:28:06

You can pass parameters to your methods. THey can be produced by
distinguished or promoted properties.
How do you distinguish your database inside the orchestration?



Leonid Ganeline
BizTalk Developer,
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: BizTalk Server 2006


Application context from .net class library

Post by WmVsamt » Sat, 27 Jan 2007 00:51:02

Yes, I can pass the parameters, but that is at this moment a
lot of work. Because the .net class library that is called directly from
BizTalk calls actually other .net libraries methods (some basic functionality
libraries) and they are much deeper in a caller hierarchy, where I need this
info, and not directly in the first level.
In this case I have to pass this parameter all that way to the method that
need information, and I have to change all this methods and their parameters
to do that.

On the other way, if I know which BizTalk application (or specially which
database is to be served with this functionality) I can use this information
directly without passing additional informations to the called methods.

And my orchestration knows directly which database should be served by
receive and send ports.

Are there Informations in a actual Thread Context about the orchestrations
context, and database connections (i mean receive and send ports)

I hope You know what I mean.