Third Call for Papers to JCRA 2006

Third Call for Papers to JCRA 2006

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hird Call for Papers
VI Workshop on Reconfigurable Computing and Applications (JCRA 2006)
Ceres (Spain), September 12-14, 2006

This is the 6th edition of the JCRA, a forum for researchers and
professionals in order to share and discuss the latest experiences and
research related with the reconfigurable computing and programmable
logic devices. This event has a solid trajectory and a well earned
prestige. It has became a reference forum and a meeting point for
research groups, development groups, professionals, users and
The JCRA is a forum for the presentation of the latest advances in the
research and application of reconfigurable computing technologies. The
idea is to gather together different research groups, professionals,
and users in order to facilitate the communication between them. It is
also a multidisciplinary meeting which hopes to combine not only the
most technological aspects but also those related to innovationational
uses, authoring and the effective application of these technologies.

Place of celebration.
Complejo Cultural "San Francisco", Ceres, Spain.

Topics of interest.
- Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:
- Reconfigurable devices technology.
- Computer arithmetic.
- IP cores design.
- JBits.
- FPGAs in Robotics, Control, Networks, DSPs.
- Embedded microprocessors in FPGAs. Computer architectures on chip,
- Applications in artificial vision, security and criptography.
- Hardware / software codesign.
- Reconfiguration and Internet.
- Academic experiences with FPGAs.
- Prototyping boards.
- Dynamic reconfiguration.
- Experiences in modeling with Java, Handel-C, System-C, Forge,

- Invited Conference: "Sistemas Bioinspirados y Reconfiguraci".
Dr. Eduardo Schez. Logic Systems Lab., EPFL, Laussane, Switzerland.
- Papers
- Demonstrations and Posters
- Tutorials:
"Microblaze". Dr. Sergio Lez-Buedo. Univ. Automa de Madrid,
"Tnicas de depuraci hardware". Dr. Miguel gel Aguirre
Echove. Univ. Sevilla, Spain.
"Introducci a tnicas de procesamiento de imenes con
FPGAs". Dr. Juan Suardz. Univ. Politnica de Cartagena, Spain.
"Sistemas de visi de altas prestaciones en FPGA". Dr. Francisco
Pelayo, Dr. Eduardo Ros. Univ. Granada, Spain.

Researchers are cordially invited to participate and submit
contributions to JCRA. Camara-ready papers must be up to 6 pages long
and should be sent in the specified format. The papers will be revised
in depth. All papers finally accepted (oral presentations or posters)
will be published in the proceedings with ISBN. A paper without its
corresponding registration and payment before the specified date will
not be published in the proceedings.
There is a maximum of two papers for the same author registration. A
selection of the best presented papers will be published in
international journals (see the "International Journals" section).

- Spanish
- English
- Portuguese

(No translation will be provided during the presentation.)

International journals.
- "Microprocessors and Microsystems" Best Paper Award.
A re-elaborated English version of the best paper of