[ISE7.1] Equivalent register removal + register duplication + register balancing

[ISE7.1] Equivalent register removal + register duplication + register balancing

Post by Tim Verstr » Sat, 10 Dec 2005 00:37:11


When all of these options (equivalent_register_removal +
register_duplication + register_balancing) are enabled, they all work
fine and do what they are supposed to do ... but because i don't want
it to remove the equivalent registers, i disabled this option but now
because of disabling equivalen_register_removal both
register_duplication and register_balancing don't do anything anymore?
... are all of these features heavily related to each other????

thanks in advance for your reply,

kind regards,

Tim Verstraete

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2. Equivalent Register Removal in XST


I have this in my .syr report file from XST:

Set property "equivalent_register_removal = no" for signal <foo>.
Set property "equivalent_register_removal = no" for signal <bar>.
Register <bar> equivalent to <foo> has been removed

I really don't understand why bar and foo are being merged when the
tool knows they are not supposed to be.
Can anyone please tell me how I can stop registers from being merged?

I think this code used to work properly, and the problem may be due to
a bug in XST 6.2.3.

BTW, the relevant Verilog source is:

// synthesis attribute equivalent_register_removal of foo is no;
// synthesis attribute equivalent_register_removal of bar is no;

reg foo;
reg bar;

always @(posedge clk)
foo <= froboz;
bar <= froboz;


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