Help with DLT autoloader

Help with DLT autoloader

Post by Khalid Sch » Tue, 18 Nov 2003 05:24:47

I'm looking for a new backup device for my server. It's currently holding
about 600Gb's of data but thats going to become more like 2Tb by January.
I want a backup solution that will allow me to back up using either cpio
or tar (maybe dd). Can I with an auto loader just run
tar -cf /dev/tape /users

Will it automaticaly span the tar file move the correct number of tapes in
hte autoloader? What about recovering? Will I get EOF at the end of each
tape? What is the best solution? I want to stay away from big clunky
software that in 10 years time won't be around. I like the idea of being
able to call up another dept and ask them to recover my tapes if my drive
gets trashd.

Are any of you doing this kind of thing? I want to go DLT / LTO as it's
the best out there and hardly ever screws up ;-)

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It looks like Jim's NEW device (replacing the old) arrived without
documentation. If it's sold by HP, that's a vendor error. If
purchased from a broker or third party, then the reseller needs to
make this right.

Heck, I've got documentation from devices I've thrown out. The paper
takes up less room than the device. And I'm not an IT pro, just write
about them for 23 years.

Homesteading is affordable, but not simple. But what is, if you're
doing it right in your IT shop?

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