AIT3 drive won't load tapes

AIT3 drive won't load tapes

Post by Chri » Wed, 08 Jun 2005 05:17:58

Problem: trying to read some AIT-3 tapes created in a Rorke library.

Background: Just got a Sony SDX-700C AIT-3 drive. It passes all
diagnostics with flying colors. New tapes written by the Sony diag's
are readable (block dumps) to my software. However, my friend's tapes,
from a Rorke AIT-3 based library refuse to load in my drive. After
several minutes of motion (presumably trying to find load-point), the
drive just turns on the "replace tape" light.

I've seen it stated in a newsgroup (maybe this one) that certain
vendors put proprietary compression microcode into AIT drives and their
tapes can't be read by "standard" drives. (I know from experience that
was very much the case in the early days of DDS.)

I just assumed that the drives in the Rorke library would be standard.
Has anyone run into this? Any suggestions? Thanks.


AIT3 drive won't load tapes

Post by Rita Berko » Thu, 09 Jun 2005 01:24:19