Backup Exec Remote Agent Requires NetBIOS Over TCP?

Backup Exec Remote Agent Requires NetBIOS Over TCP?

Post by Will » Sat, 21 May 2005 09:13:43

To my surprise, it looks like the Backup Exec 9.1 Remote Agent requires you
to enable NetBIOS over TCP in order to work. It apparently uses NetBIOS
discovery to enumerate devices on the network, and equally disturbing is
that there is not TCP agent in any true sense. It is using file sharing to
backup remote machines.

Does that change at all in Backup Exec 10? I want to shut NetBIOS off
completely on our network. I also want a true agent that can punch
through a firewall on a specific port to allow backups of remote machines on
secure networks.

Internet: westes AT

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2. OT:Installing Backup Exec Remote Agent on XP client

This is driving me nuts!
I purchased 4 copies of XP Professional a few months ago and they are still
Attempts at installing the Remote Agent for Windows on a XP client (2
different machines, clean installs) has defeated me so somewhat meekly I
gave up.
This morning I took delivery of a second user Dell with XP installed and
nothing else. After I had attached it to the domain I attempted to install
the Remote Agent. As before the attempt from the BE cd ended with 'Error
Creating Object on (Remote machine); CoBESetup(262)(-2147023174). Veritas
support steered me towards a silent install of the Agent which seems to be
successful (its visible in all the right places).
However as soon as I click on the client name in Remote Selections from the
server, BE instantly locks up! I'm using 8.6 Build 3878 on SBS 2000.
I can't find any similar problems on veritas support forum (which doesn't
seem very active!). Any thoughts anybody....

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