using isilon hardware plattforms with freebsd

using isilon hardware plattforms with freebsd

Post by Bernd Kuhl » Fri, 04 Jun 2010 00:38:29

Hi NG,
I need to attach a storage device to freebsd servers. Rather than using
a classical san solution with maybe netapps i heard of isilion with
their nas solution.

most important for me is simplicity in use, iops/throughput and
scalabilty and flexibility when it comes to increasing the storage by
adding nodes for instance.

has anyone here made personal experience with isilion products? how
about their customer support and service level agreements?

It's a general question, I know. If you'd like me to add more info,
please let me know.

best regards.

Bernd Kuhlen

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"Isilon Systems announced this week that the firm has been granted a
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United States Patent 7,146,524
Patel , et al. December 5, 2006
Assignee: Isilon Systems, Inc. (Seattle, WA)

"A virtual hot spare may be implemented using a variety of methods.
Three methods described herein are the "per stripe" method, "per file"
method, and "per data" method. It is recognized that other methods may
be used"

"the virtual hot spare emulates a conventional idle hot spare as used
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