EMC Celerra Replication

EMC Celerra Replication

Post by Fred » Thu, 26 Jan 2006 03:05:04

Hey guys I'm having a problem with our EMC Celerra replication schedule. We
have a geographically separated configuration where a Celerra is in NYC and
another one is in California. The issue we are experiencing involves running
a replication job between the two celerras. Can anyone give me a few
troubleshooting tips or where to look to solve this issue? We are having
issues completing the configuration of the job.
All pre-requisites for the job is complete:
1) the two file systems are created (and are of the same size),
2) the source and destination addresses (Failsafe network 0 and Failsafe
network 1 based on device name creation) have been configured and is running

We are using the celerra manager gui to create this replication job, and the
dialogue we receive is 'no destination available of the required size'.

I am at a loss at this point and have opened a case with EMC as well,
however I wanted to see if any of you SAN gurus could spread some light on
this issue we are having.

Thanks in advance.


EMC Celerra Replication

Post by Jomai » Sat, 11 Feb 2006 02:37:43

Hey Fred,

Did you get this situation resolved yet?