reproduction around Brahimi Hakim Azmath's consultant

reproduction around Brahimi Hakim Azmath's consultant

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1. Best Practices around PDF Form Filling and Form Reproduction

2. ERP: Technical Consultant, Functional Consultant and Techno-functional Consultant

ERP Functional Consultant:
Functional Consultants are the experts having understanding of the
business processes and data flow on one hand and has the capability to
fit these business requirements in the vendor ERP product, analyzing
gaps, if any. Functional Consultants are generally domain specific
like Finance, HR, Manufacturing, and Procure to Pay etc. They have
educational background and experience in the relevant business process
area, for example you will find a Chartered Accountant working as a
General Ledger Domain Expert. They acquire ERP Product knowledge by
undergoing a short training on ERP Module they are working in.

ERP Technical Consultant:
Technical Consultants are the experts having knowledge of the code,
coding standards and implementation life cycle. Technical Consultants
need not be any domain specific like Finance, HR, Manufacturing, and
Procure to Pay etc. Their main role is to do customizations,
extensions, modifications, localizations or integrations to the
existing product and develop reports. They have educational background
and experience in computer science as IT Experts, Engineers or
Software Developers.

ERP Techno Functional Consultant:
Techno functional Professionals are in great demand as they play a
vital role in ERP Implementation projects. Companies always prefer
experts who have the ability to understand both technical and
functional challenges, as they prove to be more effective and less

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