Dozuki Dovetail Saw and Flush-Cut Saw Set

Dozuki Dovetail Saw and Flush-Cut Saw Set

Post by Amic » Sat, 23 May 2009 21:04:55

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Combination dovetail/flush-cut saw features two interchangeable blades and 7-3/4"L bamboo handle.

1. Stanley 20-331 4-3/4-Inch 23 Points Per Inch Flush Cut Pull Saw


Best deal:

This specialty saw is good for the jobs for which you'd need it (cutting through flooring/sub-floor flush with an existing wall or other vertical surface), but for someone who hasn't used one before, getting used to having the blade so far off center from the grips and motor takes some time. After figuring out how to keep it from jumping out of the surface every few feet, this saw has been invaluable in cutting my hardwood floor that goes right under the framed wall, and the subfloor beneath that. The cutting depth is fixed, so make sure what you're cutting is exactly as deep as this saw cuts. On the open floor, I'd use a circular saw, but on the edges, this was the right tool for the job.
This is a brand new 3-3/8" Blade Toe-Kick Saw. Manufactured by Chicago Electric Power Tools - a brand name you can trust!


Crain Cutter 787 3-3/8-Inch 24 Tooth Wood Saw Blade for 795 Toe Kick Saw:

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