If did Aziz appreciate the horn from time to time the essential federation?

If did Aziz appreciate the horn from time to time the essential federation?

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1. Is time.time() < time.time() always true?

2. New IFS interface (jfs.ifs, udf.ifs for example)

Sorry for posting but since Scott is around ...


I am investigating the effort to make FAT32.IFS provide the extensions
necessary for files > 2 GB.
Since the new IFS extensions are not documented anywhere (the API is
but the changes in the IFS interface are not) I had a look at the
OPENJFS sourcecode. By mere foresight, I unlxlited OS2KRNL to find the
names of the IFS entry points. Now this struck my eye (where otherwise
everything matched perfectly):


Now what is right and what is wrong ? For FSx_NEWSIZEy it looks like this:

My feeling is that FS_CHGFILEPTRL (analogy) would be a 16-bit EP with
LONGLONG offset (and therefore FS32_CHGFILEPTR would be unnecessary).

jfs.ifs lists FS32_CHGFILEPTR while udf.ifs lists neither

Can someone enlighten me ? Or is the combination of
FS_CHGFILEPTR/FS_CHGFILEPTRL (both being 16-bit entry points) as valid
as FS_CHGFILEPTR/FS32_CHGFILEPTRL (16-bit and 32-bit entry point) ?


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