MSMQ send error

MSMQ send error

Post by Mike.Seddo » Sat, 14 May 2005 18:27:17

Hi, we are running Biztalk server 2002, which amonst other things sends load
adjustments to remote systems. This process failed last night, the result
was several thousand messages not being sent, but ending up in the suspend
queue. I suspect the problem may be with message queueing, although we
haven't had this problem in 2 years of running Biztalk. None of the disks on
the Biztalk server was low on space, nor were any of the destination drives,
so I'm not sure were the insufficient resources error comes from. About 5
O'clock this morning, the second message was generated and messages from
this point seem to have been sent sucessfully. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in Advance.


An error occurred in BizTalk Server.

[0xc00e0027] An error occurred sending a message to the message queue
'DIRECT=TCP:\Private$\OFD_BR_ORP_Inbound'. Message Queue error:
'There are insufficient resources to perform the operation.

[0x0159] The server encountered a transport error while processing the
messaging port "ORP_5083Chgadjs", which uses a transport component with a
ProgID of "BizTalk.SendMSMQ.1".
[0x012a] All retry transmissions failed.
[0x0156] The server could not finish processing messaging port
[0x1730] Suspended Queue ID: "{FD07A9F2-A49E-4536-834F-59B577ED52BC}"

The message file C:\WINNT\System32\msmq\STORAGE\ was successfully