Start Orchestration

Start Orchestration

Post by R3Vyd » Fri, 24 Sep 2004 23:05:06


I have a orchestration[No 2] with the following details
One Receive [ Activate= true ] and one Send Shape
One Input Orchestration message Parameter.

This orchestration will be published as a webservice in the later stage.
It should work as a standalone orchestration as well.

The above orchestration will be called from another orchestration[No 1]
using "Start orchestration" shape

When i try to build the 2nd orchestration with Receive [ Activate= true ] ,
i get the following build error
a schedule 'Orchestration2(message )'
with parameters cannot have an activatable receive

with Receive [ Activate= false ] , i get the following build error
you must specify at least one already-initialized correlation set for a
non-activation receive that is on
a non-selfcorrelating port

How to make this work ?


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Hi All,

I have scenario where orchestration has a long running transaction
that some times takes 15 day to complete. I have developed the
orchestration and orchestration is working fine.

In future if I will modify the orchestration and redeploy again on
production, what will happened with the Orchestration instance that
are serialized. Will serialized orchestration instance work fine with
new version?

I am confused how serialized orchestration instance should be treated.

Can any one please help me?

Thanks in Advance

Amit chaudhary

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