Unexplainable error

Unexplainable error

Post by ehigionn » Fri, 03 Oct 2003 00:23:22

Hello everyone,
I apologize for my English. I need your help and I hope I'm
writing in the right newsgroup.
I'm writing a web application in vb .net that interoperates with
Biztalk. I've tried set the TrackFields of a Biztalk document with
this function:

Private Function setTrackFields(ByVal doc As BizTalkDocument) As
Dim dTrackFields As MSCSCoreLib.CDictionary


If doc.TrackFields Is Nothing Then _
doc.TrackFields = New MSCSCoreLib.CDictionary()
dTrackFields = doc.TrackFields

'Header attributes
dTrackFields("i_value1") = "/message/@IDSEQ"
dTrackFields("i_value2") = "/message/@REFID"
dTrackFields("d_value1") = "/message/@TIME"
dTrackFields("s_value1") = "/message/@CDMS"

'Cerca gli elementi presenti nel nodo REFOBJ dell'header
Dim xmlDoc As New MSXML2.DOMDocument()

xmlDoc.async = False
if Not xmlDoc.load(doc.Reference) Then
setTrackFields = False
Exit Function
End If

REFOBJelem =
xmlDoc.selectSingleNode("//Schema/ElementType[@name = 'REFOBJ']")

If REFOBJelem Is Nothing Then
setTrackFields = False
Exit Function
End If
Dim dCustomSearch As New MSCSCoreLib.CSimpleList()
Dim REFOBJchildren As MSXML2.IXMLDOMNodeList
Dim REFOBJchild As IXMLDOMElement
Dim idxChild As Integer

REFOBJchildren = REFOBJelem.selectNodes("./element")
For idxChild = 0 To REFOBJchildren.length - 1
REFOBJchild = REFOBJchildren(idxChild)
dCustomSearch.Add("/message/header/REFOBJ/" &

dTrackFields("x_custom_search") = dCustomSearch
setTrackFields = True

Catch exc As Exception
setTrackFields = False
End Try
End Function

Then I call this function and create the document in this way:

Dim btsConf As New BizTalkConfig()
Dim doc As BizTalkDocument

Dim retval As Integer = 0
doc = btsConf.CreateDocument
retval = doc.Create()

At this point it raises this error: "To be a valid object in the
BizTalk Object Model, this custom component must aggregate the
free-threaded marshaler".

This does not happen if I comment the row:
dTrackFields("x_custom_search") = dCustomSearch

I can't understand well the problem and consequently I can't find a

Could anybody help me? I hope so, I'm going crazy for this problem.

Cheers, Gionni

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