an problem wiht sql adapter

an problem wiht sql adapter

Post by stone_fred » Thu, 13 May 2004 17:18:14

I have an sql port bound to an port of two orchestration.
one work, while another does. the failure reason is as follow,
The "SQL" adapter is suspending an outbound message going to destination
Can any body give some hints on how to solve the problem.

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The solution is very simple. If you are using Request and Responce type port thenfor SQL ,go to responce operation and set the message type as System.xml.document type and add a recieve shape of the same type to access the above message .If you want to drop this failed message then add a send shape, set the message type as System.Xml.Document and follow passthrowTransmit for this send port. This error message will be drained out. Cool.....

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