AutoCAD LT Customization add-on's

AutoCAD LT Customization add-on's

Post by rakesh.ra » Wed, 07 Jul 2004 11:54:35


I know there are two add-on toolkits for making Lisp / VBA / ARX run
on AutoCAD LT.

LT Toolkit Max from


LT-Extender from

Does anyone have first-hand knowledge which of these two is a better
option? My intention is to develop some custom Lisp / VBA apps that
need to run on AutoCAD LT.

In terms of pricing, LT-Extender is a lot cheaper than LT toolkit Max.
I would like to hear from people who have experienced both or either
their viewpoints.


AutoCAD LT Customization add-on's

Post by Michael » Wed, 07 Jul 2004 18:13:07

I use LT Extender with LT 2002. It has been really great value - runs most
lisp routines with no alterations having to be made to them. It doesn't run
Visual Lisp programs but this is not a problem for me.

Their web site allows you to download the program which can be used for 100
times before registering. I think that there is a version just released for
use with LT 2005.

Try it for free to see how it works for you.

I have had no experience with DRCAuto, but I have heard that it is very
good, though quite a bit more expensive than LT Extender.



AutoCAD LT Customization add-on's

Post by rakesh.ra » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 01:11:40

Thanks Michael for the info.

Do you know if the DrcAuto LT Toolkit MAX runs Visual Lisp?


AutoCAD LT Customization add-on's

Post by Mr. » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 05:15:32

We've been using DrCauto for several years now (20+ Licences) with LT2002.
Works GREAT!

We had to tweak a LSP file or two (but mostly because we upgraded at that time
from AutoCAD r14 to 2002). We have almost no need for VBA... but ARX and LSP
work most excellent.

A GREAT add-on IMHO. We'll stay with DrCauto inf/when we upgrade our LT
versions. They've a cheap 30-day trial version (which is what we did to
ensure that everything worked the way we wanted). Highly worth the cost.

I've no experience with LT-Extender!



AutoCAD LT Customization add-on's

Post by Martin Sho » Thu, 08 Jul 2004 09:04:38

I have and have used both. The feature sets are different, but both
work well. drcauto gets new versions out much faster. LT-extender is a
lot less expensive. With LT Toolkit Max you have to run Slingshot!,
which then calls Autocad LT. LT-Extender integrates into Autocad LT.
Both do ARX and Lisp. I don't know of anything that will enable VBA

At this point we're using LT-Extender on two stations. That decision is
based on the way the program integrates (none of us here who tried LT
Toolkit Max liked having to run Slingshot! to call Autocad LT) and on
price, both initial cost and upgrade cost. LT-Extender has been
upgraded several times at no cost. LT Toolkit Max requires a paid
upgrade for each new version of Autocad LT, and also requires that you
re-authorize annually. drcauto has several employees and several
product lines. Support has always been outstanding. I think Torsten
writes LT-Extender by himself. Support has been fairly good, but there
have been occasional ISP problems and times when he could not be
contacted. That said, we haven't needed support in many months.


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