free skill inside assura

free skill inside assura

Post by michael » Fri, 11 Nov 2005 22:10:08

Hi All

I wrote an Assura code to get a die size ( for die corner rul
. I need to understand what is the die size in order to determin
corner size for violations (I have 6 possibilities)
I found the die size using the: geomGetBBox() command and now I wan
to switch between the different dies using a simple 'if then else
I tried to calculate the die size myself using skill but the valu
returned fro the geomGetBBox() is not a list, it is something cal
How can I extract the chip die size from a bbox function, is i

Thanks in advanc
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free skill inside assura

Post by Ed Mr. Div » Sat, 12 Nov 2005 05:41:27

On Thu, 10 Nov 2005 07:10:08 -0600,

You can't. The geomGetBBox command returns a derived layer which will
contain the bbox as a shape when the rules are executed.

Assura, like Diva, first compiles the rule deck into a list of tasks,
then runs those tasks. The execution of the SKILL script which is your
rule deck just builds the task list. Your SKILL script is done and gone
before any of the tasks execute, so no information about the derived
layers is available.

The normal way to do what you want is with switches. The user must
select the appropriate die size when they run the job. The rules can
validate the data fits within the selected die size, using geomGetBBox
and selection operators such as geomGetRectangle. I don't have an Assura
Reference handy, so I can't give you rules. In rough, get the bbox as a
shape, then use geomGetRectangle on that layer to select any rectangles
that are too large for the die chosen. You can also select rectangles
that are the smaller die sizes to catch the case where the user selected
the wrong die size. Treat the selected rectangles as errors.

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