Error during netlisting

Error during netlisting

Post by Vignes » Thu, 18 Sep 2008 09:39:03

I have an error when I try to generate the netlsit from a schematic
using NCVerilog

"Unable to determine switch master for instance 'I0' ni cell 'AND2X1'.
Examine your
switch view list and design/reference libraries to ensure that this
instance is
bound to a master view and netlist again"

I'm using AMI 0.5um library, IC6.1.1.64. I have the above error for
every symbol
I used from the library.

I have the CDS_Netlisting_Mode variable set to 'Analog'. What could be
the possible reason/solution.?


Error during netlisting

Post by Riad KACE » Fri, 19 Sep 2008 04:40:18

Hi Vignesh,

This might be come because of missing views in the switch view list.
You can check this from your NC-Verilog Window -> Stup ->Netlist.
Your list should come with something like:
behavi *** functional verilog ..... schematic symbol

Hope this help !


Error during netlisting

Post by Vignes » Fri, 19 Sep 2008 08:37:39

Thanks Riad!! That worked and generated the netlist too. I'm trying to
make the instances unique using the "UniquifyNetlist command" it
throws lotta errors with the first one saying "**ERROR: (SOCOAX-148):
Could not open shared library : encounter: fatal:
relocation error: file /apps/cadence2008/SOC71/tools/lib/
symbol __1cMOpenAccess_4NoaViaTopology2t6M_v_: referenced symbol not
**ERROR: (SOCOAX-148): OA features will be disabled in this session."
Then I have series of errors saying " Missing module definition in
netlist for ...."

Error during netlisting

Post by Riad KACE » Fri, 19 Sep 2008 09:44:57

Hi Vigesh,

Sounds very *** ...
I'm suspecting either:
1. A bad LD_LIBRARY_PATH env variable.
2. An install problem of your IC Stream. You have either missed to
install bits or installed on an unsupported OS version
3. Probably a bug with IC6 which I'm not aware of since I'm still
using IC5141 for now.

You better report this issue to your Cadence Customer Support,
specifying your software (IC,OS) and hardware versions.
Hope you will find more help from other chaps !

Good luck anyway !

Error during netlisting

Post by Andrew Bec » Fri, 19 Sep 2008 13:42:19

Riad KACED wrote, on 09/18/08 01:44:

It's nothing to do with IC5141 or IC6, because uniquifyNetlist is a
command from the SOC Encounter stream.

I suspect something is afoot with the OA installation in your SOC stream.
Did you do the configuration step (is <SOC71instDir>/share/oa a linking
pointing to the OA installation in the SOC71 stream? It should be)?. If
you have the UNIX env var $OA_HOME set, please unset it (you should not
normally need to set this).

I suspect the errors don't affect the behaviour of uniquifyNetlist - I don't
think OA is essential for this to work.

You're still probably best contacting Cadence customer support though, as Riad

Best Regards,