Impedance setting for ports in Spectre Simulations

Impedance setting for ports in Spectre Simulations

Post by jmedin » Fri, 10 Nov 2006 06:17:19

Be aware, when using ports in Spectre simulations, a real and imaginary
impedance can be defined in the properties menu for the device. When a
reactance is specified, this imaginary part is valid only when running
small signal analyses like sp, ac, and noise. The reactance will give
erroneous results if pss, psp, and pnoise analyses are run. We are
reporting this to Cadence as an action item.

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I have a question about the Spectre simulation in Cadence analog design
-- I ran a simulation and watched the currents in some nodes. The strange
thing is that the sum of current at a node is not zero (doesn't fullfil
Kirhoff's law). e.g. Two transistors are connected in serial, but the
currents of the 2 transistors are not equal. Is it possible?
Anybody could give me an explanation?
Thanks for help.

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