New Solution for Creating Universal PCells

New Solution for Creating Universal PCells

Post by ciranov » Thu, 08 Jun 2006 03:32:54

With OpenAccess gaining so much momentum this year, members of this
list may want to look into a new, free solution for creating universal
OpenAccess PCells. Using PyCell Studio, you can write a PCell library
once, and it will work with full parameterization in all OpenAccess
based tools.

PyCell Studio includes everything you need to author OpenAccess PCells:

* New API designed to build design-rule-correct-by-construction
layout with advanced processes
* Modern Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
* Graphical layout viewer with interactive design rule checker

PyCell Studio is a stand-alone environment for PCell design. This means
you do not need access to a layout editor or DRC tool to create
universal OpenAccess PCells. PyCell Studio has everything you need, and
you can download it free from .

If you are starting to see more frequent design rule changes in your
target processes, you may want to explore how PyCell Studio creates
design-rule-correct-by-construction layout. To download PyCell Studio
for 32- or 64-bit Linux, documentation or updates, please visit the
CiraNova web site at .