z domain simulation in spectre

z domain simulation in spectre

Post by catl » Tue, 22 Jun 2004 23:45:44


I am currenly working on a SC filter circuit. I am verifying the
performance of the circuit (transistor level) by plotting the transfer
function in MATLAB. However, I want to simulate the z-domain transfer
function by using spectre. Thus, I am planning to eliminate MATLAB.
First of all, I defined the z domain function by using veriloga. But
I could not manage to simulate this behavi *** block by using Spectre.
To the my knowledge, pac can not be used in these situations. So, what
can I do ?

Thanks in advance


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I want to use spectre (from command line) for analog fault simulation.
I have a spectre netlist file (e.g. input.scs) which contains some
values in terms of parameters. (e.g. R1 = 1000*a, C1 = b*1e-6) Now i
want to have a file which will have the fault list(e.g. a=1 b=1, a=1.5
b=1, a=1 b=1.5, a=0.8 b=1.2 ...) Spectre should take this file and
simulate the same circuit (input.scs) the required number of times,
each time taking the specified set of values of a and b.

Is this possible, and if yes, how? I am using spectre 5.0.

Vedank Tripathi
M.Tech. (Reliability Engineering)
IIT Bombay,

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