Text Line Weight

Text Line Weight

Post by curiou » Wed, 09 May 2007 05:54:33

I've searched the group but couldn't come up with anything. Here

I can't seem to change the line weight of any text in my drawings. I
select the text and change the weight in the attributes bar, the
attribute has changed, but the text looks the same. Line weights are
on in the view attributes. Everything else works fine. It doesn't
appear to be a level symbology issue either. I'm stumped and it's
incredibly annoying.

Any thoughts?


Text Line Weight

Post by do_the_de » Fri, 18 May 2007 11:08:54

Microstation can use different types of text elements and how they
appear in Microstation can depend on what font resource file you are
using or what type of "true-type" text font element your using. The
original "stick" fonts that are defined in a resource file can be have
their weights changed, but if your using the newer true type fonts
then they do not change appearence when you change their weight. I'm
guessing that the font your trying to change is a type of font who's
appearence is not effected by weight. The only other guess is that if
it is a font that can be changed is that you could have some view
attribute turn on , i.e. slow fonts?