ADV: GeoTools 7.16 - Complete productivity tools in AutoCAD

ADV: GeoTools 7.16 - Complete productivity tools in AutoCAD

Post by Rakesh Ra » Thu, 11 Jan 2007 22:58:28

G E O T O O L S 7.16 C O M M A N D S S N A P S H O T

GeoTools is an add-on program for AutoCAD
2007/2006/2005/2004/2002/2000i and 2000 and vertical compatibles.

GeoTools is a productivity tool and helps you finish all of your
AutoCAD tasks faster and efficiently.

Fully functional 30-day evaluation version at

GeoTools is fully dialog box driven, 100% icon menu, pull-down menu,
command line and compatible with scrippts fro unattended operations.

This new edition is 100% toolbar, pulldown menu, command-line and
script driven. With this new addition, it is now much faster than ever
to access your tools and this single feature alone can save you over a
hundred or more keystrokes during your work.

Multiple GeoTools interfaces:

- Toolbar pick
- Pull-down menu pick
- AutoCAD command-line
- Automated batch script

GeoTools is for productivity. It brings together under the umbrella of
one product, a set of over 100 useful commands that help you plan and
finish your work in AutoCAD much faster. GeoTools is built to eliminate
the most common bottlenecks in AutoCAD and was born to fulfill the
needs of the mapping, surveying, utilities, civil, GIS users of
AutoCAD. Today, the program has grown beyond its initial domain and
many of he tools are general purpose enough to be of interest to just
any AutoCAD user.

Look under the hood carefully. Some tools that you see here may seem to
be already present in your core AutoCAD or in other tools that you may
have used. Don't be misled. In many cases, GeoTools offers you more
possibilities, more options than is possible in ther tools. Check it
out for yourself.

Multiple purchase options: You now no longer need to purchase the
entire toolkit. Our unique 'MyGeoTools' feature allows you to order
only the required tools that you need. Check out this URL for more

GeoTools also ships now with a GDF Viewer in AutoCAD which can bring up
GDF files and display the geometry and also be able to query
attributes, relationships, complex and conversion features etc. The
program is still in beta and under development but it demonstrates our
growing competence and interest in GDF files.

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Here is a quick look at what we have to offer:

Tool # 1 - [Polyline] - Join 3D polylines
Tool # 2 - [Polyline] - Automated join [2d polylines]
Tool # 3 - [Polyline] - Flexible ways to convert 2D-3D and 3D-2D
Tool # 4 - [Polyline] - Specify a new start point for closed polylines
Tool # 5 - [Polyline] - Single pick add-vertex, delete vertex
Tool # 6 - [Polyline] - Convert zero length to points
Tool # 7 - [Polyline] - Identify & Reverse direction
Tool # 8 - [Polyline] - Distance and angle based weeding
Tool # 9 - [Polyline] - Set zero elevations to nearest non-zero value
Tool # 10 - [Polyline] - Populate zero value elevations by linear
Tool # 11 - [Polyline] - Label vertices, Label segments, angles. Fully
user customized
Tool # 12 - [Polyline] - Compute summed lengths
Tool # 13 - [Polyline] - Control polyline line-type
Tool # 14 - [Polyline] - Multiple Pedit
Tool # 15 - [Polyline] - Identify zero elevation vertex
Tool # 16 - [Polyline] - Explode wide polylines, retain width geometry