Q: Batching a bunch of dgn drawings

Q: Batching a bunch of dgn drawings

Post by tom » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 00:49:48

I asked this question once before but never seemed to get a answer to
make it work so I will try again. Lets say I have created a bunch of
cross-sections (with the border sheets proper scale etc) using another
software and I import them into MS J. (no problem here it comes over ok)
Now when there are in MS J depending on the no. of sheets it may be
stacked one on top of another or a single row. When I plot this I usually
have to fence each of the sheets one by one and go to Iplot and set all the
paper size plotter etc and then click the plot button which is very time
The only way I could fiqure this out is to create a reference file with
array of frames "24x36" and then use Iplot to plot them.
What I would like is if there is away to batch plot all these
cross-section so that I can get each individual sheet to the size of "24 x
36" if so can someone can give me some step by step instructions.

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