Key In commands misbehave

Key In commands misbehave

Post by murali.dha » Wed, 14 Feb 2007 05:43:54

Hello Microstation users,

I am trying to write a MDL program that would export the current model
to a parasolid (x_t) file. I am trying to accomplish this using the
following function call

mdlInput_sendSynchronizedKeyin ("mdl keyin xmt xmtout

When I load my MDL program into Microstation and do the appropriate
actions that call the function containing this line, I do see a
'Export to Parasolid-XMT file' message on the Microstation status bar,
but no file is written. I tried giving the full path to the file like
C:\tmp\test_parasolid.x_t and still no file is written. On the other
hand when I do a

mdlInput_sendSynchronizedKeyin ("mdl keyin xmt

I see that the Export Parasolid dialog box pops up and prompts me for
a location to save the file. Also, when I key-in xmtout C:\tmp
\test_parasolid.x_t in the Key-in dialog of Microstation, the file
gets written and location dialog does not show up (as expected)

I am not really sure what I am missing in the above command. Any help
will be greatly appreciated.

Murali Dhanakoti
Software Engineer, ESI CFD Inc.
6767 Old Madison Pike, Ste 600,
Huntsville, AL 35806

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