plate cutting

plate cutting

Post by E. Navarre » Fri, 12 Dec 2003 17:22:23

I would like to know what would be a good program to organize nesting,
This is to be used for plate cutting asociated with aluminium boat building.

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2. Number Plate Recognition - Locate Number Plate in Image

Hi there,
I am a 4th year student at IT Carlow, Ireland. My degree
project is to design and implement Number Plate Recognition software
using Borland C++ Builder 4 IDE. At the moment I can load and save
images, carry out pre-processing techniques such as mean filtering of
the image, conversion from 32bit colour to 32bit greyscale and
binarisation of an image.
My problem lies in the fact that I cannot locate the number plate
region in the binary image. The images by the way are of Irish number
plates. From my research I have discovered that I need to perform a
"Black Top-Hat" operation on the image. I know this involves
performing a dilation followed by a an erosion of the image. I have
read several books and articles on Number Plate recognition but none
of them provide an algorithm for carrying out a Dilation or an
Erosion. Can anybody provide me with an algorthim to do this. I'm
behind schedule on the project as a result of this. Thanks

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