NEi Works

NEi Works

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An embedded FEA tool inside of Solidworks. Analyze while you design
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2. naevi (nei)

Now naevi ("nei") or skin-spots are increasing in the people here;
yes, i not follow logic; some doctor say me the increase of naevi
means nothing, but i think it means the alimentation is not good.
I not say that i have some problem of naevi or skin-spots
(it seem I just a little hypochondriac)

Some time ago i had a dream: my grandmother, dead from some time,
said me, in that dream, to not eat meat (carne) and cheese (formaggio) too.
But I didn't follow what she said, many time eat meat and cheese.

I have some suspect (not follow the logic but follow my own instinct)
that the ittalian distribution milk-derivatives (and not milk) is not good
(not say it for milk-derivates from other nation etc)
Have good time!

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