Sheet Metal Broken views and bend lines

Sheet Metal Broken views and bend lines

Post by JCelektron » Sat, 11 Jun 2005 23:01:01

1. I have a part that when i produce an unfolded drawing and then i
break it, i get a message that the bend lines will not be shown. Other
parts in the same assembly once unfolded and broken show their bend

2. On the parts that show the bend lines, the lines are still full
length. ie they extend past the broken view. Is there a way to change

3. Is there a way to reference the bend lines to the view in such a way
that when the length of the part changes the length of the drawing will

I am currently running SW '03 and upgrading to '05 is an option,
however its not preferred.


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I am working on a drawing that has a flat sheet metal pattern on it
with the bend lines showing but no bend line notes (eg. fold up 90deg).
I have dimensioned up the rest of he drawing but am looking for a way
to activate/view the bend notes without upsetting/repeating any of the
dimensioning I have already done on the drawing.

I tried searching for a solution for his but what I found didn't work.

"View menu, hide/show annotations, the note shows grey,
left click on it and press esc".

Thanks in advance



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