Business partner wanted

Business partner wanted

Post by MrMol » Mon, 19 Jun 2006 13:26:37

I'm looking for a Business Partner for my Mid-Michigan Shop to grow and
take to the next level.

Here's what I have to offer.

I have over 20 years as a Journeyman Tool and Die Maker. Last 10 years
as the owner of my own business. I design, build and run injection
molds. I have experience with stamping dies, fixtures and gages.
Product developement, CAD, CAM, CNC, EDM and custom machining.

The shop is well equipt 2400 sq/ft with 600 sq./ft office space located
at the end of a quite street visible from US-10 hwy. Area is well known
in the thermoforming industry.

The equipment is Haas VF-2 machining center, 3 bridgeport mills, Large
engine lathe, Charmilles EDM, Pantograph and cutter grinder, surface
grinder, various support equiptment saws, bench grinders, Air comp. 220
ton injection molder, 80 ton injection molder, and support equipment,
Water tower, dryers, grinders, Fork truck, Pick-up truck. All equipt
lean free.

Software is Mastercam Surfcam, Cadkey, SolidWorks and several others.

Company is debt free, and has been in the same location since
inception. Room for expansion possible. Some contracts and customers in
place. Has employed as many as 10 people but is currently run as a one
man operation. Has established vendors and credit lines.

Ideal candidate would have either or contracts/product line, cash or
expertise in sales and marketing.

Sweat equity arrangement possible. I'm not intersted in million dollar
ideas where I have the only investment. I've tried this before and
found that I am stuck with products I cannot leagally market and
partners that have little incentive to succeed.

I have told you what I can offer. Please contact me to tell me what you
have to offer for a successful partnership opportunity.
Mark Reynaert, President
Mark Mold and Engineering
PO Box 407
773 W. Beamish Rd.
Sanford, MI 48657
Phone or Fax 989-687-9786

Business partner wanted

Post by Max » Mon, 19 Jun 2006 19:49:57

It doensn't sound like you need a partner, it sounds like you need someone
to light a fire under your sorry ass. Get hot pal, you're getting way
behind. Start building products and sell, sell, sell.....


Business partner wanted

Post by Ben Eadi » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 10:21:00

That was a bit uncalled for Max. A guy asks for help and you slap him
across the face?


Business partner wanted

Post by Bo » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 11:55:39

Don't be so glib. He is smart enough to know he can't easily do it

I realize the same thing. I've seen good & bad partners and good ones
who turned bad.

The biggest issue of all is finding the right partners or employees in
a small operation. One sourpuss that you can't easily get rid of
becomes a nightmare. It is one of the biggest problems a small
business can face, but it is not usually called a "problem", but a
decision. It is semantics maybe, but true. Get one heck of a good
shareholder agreement that allows the Board to dismiss executives for
cause, etc. and a share buyback plan that kicks in when anyone gets
fired for same.

Paul Allen was a shareholder with Bill Gates, and when Paul (who wrote
much of the code as I recall the story) got sick with Hodgkins disease,
Bill was looking for ways to kick Paul out and take his shares away.
Bill Gates is NOT the type of guy you want for a partner, unless you
have incredible huevos, and lawyers to back you up all the way.


Business partner wanted

Post by blin » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 12:55:11

Don't you have homework to do? Or is summer school already out?

Business partner wanted

Post by Max » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 13:07:56

hanks for you reply Ben. If he (Mr. Mold) feels what I said was uncalled
for then I will apologize. It's true that I can sometimes be rude but he
seemed like an intelligent person who doesn't need help but motivation.

There once was a book called The Lazy Mans Way to Riches and it was a was
actually two books in one. The first book was about motivating people to
believe they could me rich since the author felt that was more important
then actually showing them how to become rich.

I could be wrong. Won't be the first time.

"Ben Eadie" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > wrote in message


Business partner wanted

Post by Max » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 13:15:13

Bo, I've read many of your replies and respect your opinion a lot. I'm
probably wrong and this guy really needs a partner. He's got a lot more
equipment and power then I have so who am I to say.

On the other hand taking on a partner is risky business and can often lead
to sinking into more trouble then if he had just got motivated and did it

Maybe, just maybe the partner he needs is Tony Roberts.

Business partner wanted

Post by Max » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 13:15:49

Thanks for your reply

Business partner wanted

Post by Max » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 13:24:13

Please excuse my poor typing and proofreading it's not my strong point. It
should be Tony Robbins of course.

Business partner wanted

Post by MrMol » Tue, 20 Jun 2006 23:30:57

Tough crowd here.
I'm sure someday you'll all accomplish what I have. The partner thing
was more of a succesion plan, perhaps someone to compliment my
strengths. I'm single, in my 40's and have no heirs. I built the
company from scratch most days I work at least 12 hours. I thought this
would be an opportunity of a lifetime for a motivated individual. It
would take a few hundred of thousand dollars to duplicate my operation.
I would have killed for a oportunity like this when I started in my
garage 10 years ago. I've met very few people that have enough skill to
do all the things I can do. I have much to teach and I still learning
every day. I never have to worry about doing the same thing day in and
day out. I'm never boared, I never have to put up with office politics,
I come and go as I please. Isn't it time to light a fire under your
ass. I'd love to hear your great occomplishments.

Business partner wanted

Post by Chris Dube » Wed, 21 Jun 2006 02:57:12

I reread you original message and feel that Max's response was out of

But saying that, you sound tired. Tired of being the only motivated
individual in the organization. I can understand as I've been there.
As the years roll on, the dull throb behind your eye's only get's
worse. Unfortunately today's labor market is full of people who want
to sit behind a computer all day and make $100K a year. Finding good
motivated people out there is exceedingly difficult nowadays.

Have you looked at selling your organization? This could put some
cash in your pocket, and perhaps you could join another organization
in a supervisory role. It seems like you have a wealth of experience
that could make someone money. The downside is an awful lot of the
manufacturing you are knowledgable in is migrating to China. This
will definitely make it more difficult.

Maybe you should take a short break and get away from the business for
a while. Take an extended vacation. Clear your head. Then think
about what you want and how you get there.

Good luck.

Business partner wanted

Post by Clif » Wed, 21 Jun 2006 05:52:44

Considered a commission-only salesperson or a merger with someone local?
IIRC There is a section in some Almanacs on trade organizations and I
think I recall seeing one for independent sales folks ....

Also, don't forget asking your local Chamber of Commerce, SCORE, the
SBA, etc. Or contacting local business brokers .. they too may have ideas.

Business partner wanted

Post by MrMol » Wed, 21 Jun 2006 06:12:14

Thanks for the advice guys. Landed a few jobs today. I don't want to
make it sound like its all doom and gloom here. Alot of guys in this
industry are alot worse off than me. I can alway sell my expertise and
make a living. I'm trying to build a business and there's only so much
of me to go around. I've trained apprentices and thats a long process.
The help I've hired in the past just want a paycheck. I need someone
who see the "Big Picture" and wants the pride of ownership and a shot
at the "American Dream".

Business partner wanted

Post by neil » Wed, 21 Jun 2006 06:29:33

the big picture is that the American Dream is over...join the global reality

Business partner wanted

Post by Bo » Wed, 21 Jun 2006 07:40:18

Neil, just a note to say that you look in your area of expertise hard
enough and you may well find something here that is even more valuable
than you could imagine, and maybe valuable "over there" & you design
something better and patent it. It takes guts and some small ***
money, but if you pick a small enough project, you might be able to
pull it off. If the first project doesn't cost too much, and doesn't
fly, you try a 2nd project. Treat it as a serious hobby that may pay
off one day.

The Patent Cooperation Treaty has allowed for foreign filings in
something approaching 150 countries now, and even China is starting to
see the need to protect their own 'inventions'. Self-study can make
you as good at patent searching and understanding patent claims as is
needed to get a real good feel if your concept might be patentable or
worthwhile. The U.S. Patent office web site allows easy searching of
Patents by a large amount of criteria, making it truly easy compared to
the 'old days' where you virtually had to go to WDC to quickly search

The amount of goods that is shipped into NICs (newly industrialized
countries) and the 3rd world countries in general is huge, and just one
tiny crumb to a small company in the U.S. can be a large size order.

Take a look, keep your eyes open for newer materials and machine
processes and simplification to allow "all-in-one" product
opportunities. Things like overmolding with TPE *** , allowing one
piece 'springy' products is a perfect example. Whenever there is a
product that doesn't work well on some level, that represents an
opportunity. It could be improved function, reduced pieces, reduced
cost, improved quality or hopefully a combination of all improvements
that makes your product more valuable than others.

Naysayers are always around. "The next market crash is just a few
months away." was a type of statement my father continually reminded me
of which some persona on TV or radio was touting in his newest book,
and my dad said "but I kept making money in the stock market throughout
the time those books kept coming out."

It is not easy or quick, but it only takes one hit in a lifetime to be
truly worthwhile, and just like so many things, one good hit is all it
takes to improve ones standard of living considerably. It takes
training to be a good hitter, indeed. That is part of the game.