BigNum problem Jacob?

BigNum problem Jacob?

Post by claire tre » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 09:53:08

Many thanks to you for the giant work you have taken upon you.

I have a fully fonctionnal program written about six month ago. I've tried
yesterday to compile my sources with wedit. The compiler reports no error on
compiling and it looks ok. But when I run the executable, it opens a nice
alarm box telling that export are missing.

Title: Erreur de darage du programme
Body: Le fichier GRANDNOMBRE.EXE est
li??une exportation manquante BIGNUMS.DLL:BignumPrecision.

I have written bignums.lib in linker additionnal files to be included in the
Also included #include <bignums.h>

I believe that something has changed but i am lost because debuging is out
of question. I'm a beginner so to speak. I used pedump on bignums.dll and I
see BignumPrecision is exported or in export so I'm left with what do I do